The Rainforest Art Project ~ Installations

The Rainforest Art Project is a San Diego based arts and edcation company. The installtions shown here are collaborative works created by elementary school children with the help and guidance of The Rainforest Art Project Team. 


The Maple Tree and Bald Eagle were created by 5th Grade Students from Euclid Elementary. Every ceramic leaf is unique and created by each student. 


The Maple Tree and Bald Eagle are made from glass tesserae to create a mosaic masterpiece. We're so proud of the legacy that these children are leaving at Euclid Elementary for generations to come.



Ocean Nomads is a 3-D mosaic mural installed in the Barrio Logan Mercado. These tuna memorialize the tuna cannery industry that thrived in the early 1920s in San Diego. 3rd Grade students from local Perkins Elementary were overjoyed to work on this project along with students from Our Lady Elementary.



Golden Fish Project © 2015 by Anne Macpherson