Peace Activist, Artist, Storyteller



I am a peace activist who brings art and story to children of all ages. The Golden Fish Project is an extension of this work to transform community and individuals through peace, art, and story. 

I am a teaching artist and have designed art curriculum and taught classes with the Rainforest Art Project & Arts for Learning San Diego. I served as a Board Member of Kids for Peace, and attended and spoke at the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) International Leadership Training Programme in 2012.

To me, the world is a place where dream and reality combine through the power of the magic within ~ the imagination. I believe that magic is a part of all of us ~ and in order for it to be real ~ we must believe in ourselves. This is how I became an artist, peace activist, and storyteller ~ by believing in myself, I can make a positive difference in my community and the world.

The Golden Fish began as a vivid dream that came to life in March of 2007. It was just the beginning. Since then, I have shared the story with family, friends, my community, schools, and people of all ages from around the world.

Along the way, I discovered that sharing stories and art has the magical power to create peace.