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The Golden Fish is a true story about magic and dreams. This story, the dream, and the myth all synthesized together in this mystical puzzle of life where we can experience dream and reality as one. 

The Golden Fish Project is an ongoing collaborative adventure. The mission is to share the magic of art and story with children of all ages to plant seeds in the imagination to grow a culture of peace.   

Sharing art and stories has the power to create peace. This is why arts education is vital! We have a duty to pass on the knowledge and tools for expressing creativity. It is innate in each and every one of us. We are all artists. We are powerful peacemakers who think for ourselves and can create the world we want to live and pass on. 

The magic begins~

When I was little, my cousins were visiting from out of town and staying with my grandparents. We were sitting by a small fish pond in their backyard, but there were no fish in it.

We asked my uncle if he would help us. To my astonishment, he happily took us to the pet shop to pick out our own little fish. My cousins and I brought them back in small bags plastic bags with water and released them one by one into the pond.

As we stood by the pond, an incredibly magical feeling overtook me. It felt like a wave of love and joy, and my whole body filled with light and energy. I wondered if anyone else noticed this magical feeling too. 

My cousin later reflected that “even though we lived far apart, we were always together in the pond. I felt like each of those fish represented us and we could watch them grow up.”

There is an ancient myth about a little golden fish that grows into a giant one. This myth is reflected in my own life story and now parallels the time and turmoil that our world is in today. With this key, we can see the truth of what is happening in a greater context. 

I hope you will join me and the Golden Fish and be brave ~ find the magic within! 


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Myth of the Golden Fish
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