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The Golden Fish Project is an ongoing collaborative adventure that incorporates peace, art, and story. 


The story of The Golden Fish inspires people to see within themselves the source of power. When belief, imagination, and determination combine ~ it creates magic! 

The mission is to make arts and spiritual education accessible to children and families worldwide. 


This is possible through collaboration with organizations, groups, and artists from around the world.


Thus far, I have had the honor of working with and serving Kids for Peace, Arts for Learning San Diego, The Rainforest Art Project, the San Diego Art Department, the Muramid Museum, California Center for the Arts Escondido, the Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center, Breath of Heaven Sustainable Living Center, and Words Alive.


Together, we can work with many more like-minded people to make this dream a reality.
Sharing art and stories has the power to create peace. This is why arts and spiritual education is vital!

The spiritual education component incorporates all 3 elements: peace, art, & story.