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I started taking Sumi-e Japanese brush painting in 2009 from my sensei, Takashi Ijichi. I took classes with my friend, Le, for over 7 years. Although I wanted to quit many times, Le kept me from throwing in the brush.

After a few years, I gained confidence as an artist, and became a teacher. I taught art to children in many schools in San Diego. Although rewarding, I had to fulfill my childhood dream ~ to write a children's book. 

Zen Bunny was originally written and illustrated in 2017 while sitting in a park. The answer to the existential question, "What is bunny nature?" came from a kind passerby walking her dog. 

My friend, Sara, was charmed by the artwork and story. Honoring her emphatic command, the images were not repainted, yet there was some digital scrubbing by Sara herself who became the layout designer. 

Zen Bunny and my greeting cards are printed locally on Maui. Working on this project with local businesses and talented friends truly makes Zen Bunny special. Mahalo, Sara, for your joyful contribution! 

Will there be a sequel? 

Yes, I plan to write many books in the Zen Bunny series. There are illustrations already complete. 

Thank you, Sara Jacobsen, for your joyful and magical contribution to this little but mighty book.


What's next? 


There are four art instructional videos and art kits that go along with the illustrations of the book. The videos were filmed by Erick Magana, a former co-worker and friend from The Rainforest Art Project.

So much fun to collaborate once again!


More to come...

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