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Floating Village




'Floating Village' was inspired by one of my first paintings in this style. It was during a Summer camp at the Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center that I was assistant teaching in. Our class assignment was to make a fantasy world inspired by another artist. The teacher, Mr. Claudio, had a lot of different inspirational pieces displayed. One of them caught my eye, a floating island. It reminded me of the Hawaiian islands and how remote the are. Seemingly floating in the vast ocean of the Pacific.

Here, I'm depicting a community living together in harmony with nature. An abundance of water is flowing down in a waterfall from an unseen spring. There are magical bubbles rising in the sky. The crescent moon shows a contented smile in the distance.

At first, I kept drawing these portals with frames over and over again. I had no idea how many I would create. It's like I can't stop. They're too much fun to do, and get me flowing into the artwork. Something clicked and I realized what I was creating. It will be a series of cards with verses on the back like an illuminated spiritual text.

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