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Mele Anuenue




'Mele' means 'song' in Hawaiian. 'Anuenue' means 'rainbow'. Together, it is the Rainbow Song. I wrote a rainbow chant inspired by the incredible phenomenon that happens when light and water meet. Something that's different about the picture is that the rainbow is appearing at night. Is there such a thing as a night rainbow? Indeed! This there is a Hawaiian legend about the night rainbow. According to this legend, it is a spirit rainbow that contains your ancestors. It indicates a time of unity. "There is no greater blessing than the blessing of the night rainbow." (Tales of the Night Rainbow by Pali Jae Lee & Koko Willis)

When I was little, I had the great blessing of seeing a night rainbow. I was with my mother and sister. We were on the freeway coming back from my sister's violin lesson one evening. It looked thick, opaque, and opalescent. It was in the shape of an oval, similar to a belt with a buckle. In the buckle, I saw a figure. It was like someone emerging through it. I felt a great feeling of joy, love, and peace.

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